Experiencing something new and getting out of my comfort zone made me discover things about myself which I never knew before... Seeing the children's excitement gives me a bigger motivation to keep learning myself.

BSM Intern, Sept 2018


Is this you?

You are an Omani National
You are interested in working at a leading international school
You enjoy working in a setting that values education
You would value the opportunity to be developed by an experienced mentor
You want to gain experience of life in an international school and to learn from this

What does the internship involve?

A six week programme (7:15am-3pm each school day)
An experienced mentor who will meet with you on a weekly basis
Learning from our experienced staff by working closely alongside them
Set tasks and in-role experiences to help you develop your knowledge
One hour training per week in an area relevant to your choice of internship
Practical experience of being in a class or school setting

What will you get at the end?

A BSM approved certificate of programme completion
A personalised character and performance reference from the school, based on your time with us
Experience of an international school setting that will support you in applying to international schools in the future
An excellent opportunity to prepare for the workplace

Internship dates

Start Date: Sunday, 14 April 2024 – Thursday, 23 May 2024

Application closing date:  Sunday, 17 March 2024. Longlisted candidates will be invited for an interview 1 week after the closing date.


In order to apply for the Internship Programme, participants need to meet the following criteria:

Be an Omani National
Be available for the full six week period of one of the dates advertised
Have a good level of spoken and written English (IELTS 6+ preferable)
Be motivated and eager to learn
Are reliable and responsible
Are interested in working with children or in an educational setting in their future career
Have access to transport in order to attend all internship days at BSM

How to apply

If you are an Omani National and interested in our free Internship Programmes, please complete the Internship Application of Interest form below and send it to the email address on the form.