Music at BSM

The music department at BSM has developed rapidly over the last few years with exciting innovations both within the classroom and outside curriculum time. We aim to stimulate young enquiring minds through imaginative exploration of music through story-telling and role-play, and to initiate a lifelong love of music from the very earliest age.

Throughout the Primary School, learning is achieved through a dynamic fusion of song, movement, and fun practical music making. We are also extremely proud of our Woodwind and Brass instrumental schemes for Years 5 and 6. Every child in this age group learns an instrument alongside their curriculum music in small group lessons from our team of highly experienced professional orchestral musicians. This scheme continues to be an enormous success with profound effects, not just on the general music throughout the school, but on the cross-curricular development of each child.

In Key Stage 3 the practical curriculum of the Early Years programme is continued with a huge emphasis put on practical music making in the classroom; Instrumental skills developed in Years 5 and 6 are utilised to create an extremely practical approach to music education, with a variety of pathways designed to cater for the wide range of differentiated needs of individuals at this age. Recent years have seen large numbers of students being able to access the ABRSM music exams from within their curriculum learning, with a record number of 120 successful applicants last year.

Our exam classes at GCSE and A Level continue to grow. We now offer Edexcel specification at GCSE level and BTEC Level 3 music for KS5. This qualification carries equivalent UCAS points as A Level music and is recognised by all leading tertiary educational establishments.

Outside curriculum provision, our after school activities continue to expand with eleven ensembles now on offer to our students across the school. We also collaborate with other departments on a senior school production each year.

We continue to foster excellent relationships with other schools and musical hubs in the region which have resulted in a series of collaborative musical weekends and masterclasses throughout the school year, as well as hosting many visiting international artists who have performed and led workshops for our students at the school.

The school serves as a centre for both ABRSM and RockSchool examinations – enabling students, whatever their interest, to progress through an accredited examination route should they so wish.

Music tuition is available for BSM students and external students. Please visit our Music Hub site for further information and to register your interest for lessons.

Design Technology

There is a large range of machinery and equipment in the Design Technology Department that students are taught to use. We have laser cutters which are used comprehensively at all levels to manufacture products of increasing complexity; we use 3D software which allows the students to produce 3D products on our 3D printers, a continuously developing technology; there is a good range of machinery including sanding machines, pillar drills, scroll saws, a milling machine and lathes; a comprehensive range of hand tools; and a spray area which the students use to complete their products to a high standards. The department is always researching new technology and equipment to introduce it into the curriculum.

Students go from BSM into all areas of design and engineering, from advertising to furniture design, from product design to architecture and all disciplines of engineering. The portfolio of work they produce here can be a deciding factor in getting them onto the course they want and the staff work alongside them to develop their potential to the full and in giving them skills that can be used in a variety of careers.


Drama at BSM is an exciting, engaging subject, providing a wealth of opportunities for students to showcase their creative talents.

At BSM there is always plenty of opportunity to get involved in this dynamic and creative subject, with performances in class and assemblies, to whole school productions and examination presentations.

The department uses a variety of teaching and learning styles to encourage a deep understanding of theatre with a focus on developing performance skills leading to credible characterization and rich, diverse narratives. Well resourced, with play texts, props and music to help enhance performance, the department also uses Trestle mask to develop physical theatre and mime skills.

Students are encouraged to audition for the BSM Youth Theatre and to participate in the annual play or musical, either as an actor or singer, or as part of a band or technical crew.

Under the guidance of the Head of Drama and a team of highly experienced teachers, students are able to participate in a flourishing programme of extra-curricular workshops leading to spectacular productions, featuring original music by students, alongside innovative dance numbers all combining to create a stunning performance.
We are proud of the drama work that takes place at BSM and we hope that your child will enjoy performing and watching some of the diverse entertainment that takes place at our school.

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